Who controls bitcoin? [Episode 5]

Who controls bitcoin? [Episode 5]

In this episode I talked about who controls Bitcoin, who writes the code for the Bitcoin protocol and how improvements and updates are made. Follow the links below for more information on open-source projects, Github, and Bitcoin’s process specifically.

Show Notes:

Market Minute:

BTC price: $10,872
Finney(0.00001 BTC): $1.08
24 hour volume: $8.2B / 792k BTC
Market cap: $183 billion
Coins in Circulation: 16.8M
@tipmayermultiple: 200dma – $8244.77, mayer multiple=1.29x
Transaction fees: 36 sats/Byte(24) 39.6 sats/Byte(7d)
Suggested fees (sats/B): 5.0 next block, 3 next hour, 2.4 same day
localbitcoins – $53.9M(global)/ $6.7M(USA) last 7 days
bisq – $90k(global)/ $15.9k(USA) last 7 days


What is git and Github?

Bitcoin’s process

Bitcoin github repsitory
Noded episode with John Newbery
Visualization of Bitcoin Development

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