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The Anatomy of Satoshi’s Place with LightningK0ala [Episode 20]

I’m joined for episode 20 by LightningK0ala to talk about his creation, Satoshi’s Place, a collaborative drawing experiment powered by lightning payments. We discussed the software it’s running, the low-end hardware he’s using to process the lightning payments, and the API that has allowed some really creative interactions on the site. We also waxed philosophical about the value of games and comedy in stressful times. Full conversation available on Patreon
[*We also referenced the body parts drawn on Satoshi’s Place, so probably not an episode for younger audiences*]


@LightningK0ala on twitter

Satoshi’s Place

Satoshi’s Place
Satoshi’s Place Testnet
Satoshi’s Place Github
Image Mapper for Satoshi’s Place
Telegram Group
Satoshi’s Place Timelapse

Components of Satoshi’s Place

Zeit – command line cloud deployment solution
ODroid HC2 and accessories
ODroid Lightning Node Tutorial from Stadicus

Other Lightning Projects

Testnet Eclair wallet
Mainnet Eclair wallet


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Harvard’s CS50x Intro to Computer Science

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