Janine Roem on #DeleteCoinbase and Revision-controlled Journalism [Episode 43]

Janine Roem on #DeleteCoinbase and Revision-controlled Journalism [Episode 43]

Janine Roem joins me to talk about the recent Coinbase-HackingTeam debacle and the community’s response with #deleteCoinbase, as well as her ideas for revision-controlled journalism. Read Janine’s thread here https://twitter.com/J9Roem/status/1100876184999596054


https://twitter.com/j9roem – Twitter

https://t.co/4Sggw8Drp7 – Janine’s blog

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https://ift.tt/2ElAcK2 – Coinbase Welcomes Neutrino

https://ift.tt/1VRcmJN – Foreign Policy “Fear this Man”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtQ7LNeC8Cs – To Protect and Infect talk

https://ift.tt/2CrZQvv – Hacking Team Loses License

https://ift.tt/1G9NRtK – Hacking Team WikiLeaks+

https://ift.tt/2CsrEQm – Italian student murdered in Cairo

https://ift.tt/2TpSnGV – Chrstine Sandler interview with Cheddar

https://twitter.com/udiWertheimer/status/1100864154443776000 – Udi Wertheimer starts the DustChain

https://twitter.com/jespow/status/1102346122138333184 – Kraken’s analysis of Neutrino

https://ift.tt/2NIwfCm – Coinbase to “transition” Hacking Team members from Neutrino out of Coinbase

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TufkdtKcYHM&feature=youtu.be – Kraken Decacorn podcast – Jesse and Christina’s thoughts on Coinbase and their response

https://ift.tt/2UKHug6 – Coinbase Celebrates Women?

https://youtu.be/66ZoGUAnY9s?t=5h48m10s – Jameson Lopp: Extreme OpSec

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