How do I keep my bitcoins safe? [Episode 4]

Today we’re talking about keeping your bitcoins safe. Get your bitcoins off of exchanges as soon as possible and move them in to some mix of software wallets and cold storage. I discussed various wallets and risk versus convenience.

Show Notes

Market Minute:

BTC price: $8457
Finney(0.00001 BTC): $0.84
24 hour volume: $7.5B / 905k BTC
Market cap: $142 billion
Coins in Circulation: 16.8M
@tipmayermultiple: 200dma – 8021.15, mayer multiple=1.05x
Transaction fees: 69sats/Byte(24) 74.5sats/Byte(7d)
Suggested fees (sats/B): 91.3next block, 10 next hour, 4.9 same day
localbitcoins – $102.8M(global)/ $7.1M(USA) last 7 days
bisq – $272k(global)/ $24.5k(USA) last 7 days

Software Wallets:

Bitcoin Core

Hardware Wallets:


Paper Wallets:

Infographic on Paper Wallets
Paper wallets video

Other Links:

Blockstream Satellite Secure your wallet from
Paper Wallets
Glacier Protocol
Bitfinex redistributes coins after losses
Mt.Gox – worst exchange hacking
BTC-e users caught in limbo
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