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Bitcoin metrics [Episode 8]

Today I talked about bitcoin metrics, measurements to track in order to evaluate the health of the network and the price of Bitcoin. I demystified the metrics that I hear thrown around and we talked about what was valuable and what metrics are totally bogus. No Market Minute on this episode, I’m planning to out a seperate Market Minute episode on Wednesday.

Psuedo Fundamentals

Price and Volume

Cryptowatch – compare price, moving averages, etc. of various coins.
CoinMarketCap – Price Market Cap, 24 hour volume, rankings (which don’t matter)
Clark Moody Tickers – compare exchange prices in real time

Peer to Peer

Clark Moody Street Price – average price of peer-to-peer trades in various countries/currencies.
CoinDance – P2P exchange volumes

Transaction Fees – network data comparison between Bitcoin and B-cash. Has good information on difficulty and average transaction fees.
CoreFeeHelper – Hourly updated twitter feed with good suggested fee estimation


Bitcoin nodes


Lightning Stats

Shabang – stats
Reksplorer – Node and channel visual explorer


Mayer Multiple – Current price divided by 200 day moving average. Indicator of over/under-value compared to historical price.
Github Repo – stats on updates to the code
Bitcoin Development Visualization


Donation page
Tuttle Twins – Great kids books and a great way to support the show!

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