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Ansel Lindner comes on the show to talk about his show Bitcoin is Freedom, and the route to anarchy through Bitcoin. We touch on government debacles of military, health care, nutrition, as well as what we could do better without them. If you’re going to BitBlockBoom in July let me know. Full length interview available on Patreon. Follow Ansel Bitcoin & Markets site @btcmrkts @ansellindner…

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In this episode, I was joined by Patrícia Estevão, who joins me to talk about User eXperience (UX), Bitcoin infographics, and her research on the current UX of the Lightning Network. Patrícia Patrícia’s site @patestevao on twitter Lightning UX Research BitcoinDesigned infographics Marco Agner – the programmer referenced in this episode Lightning Network Lightning Network Lightning Technical Paper BOLT specifications Lightning Implementations Lightning Labs ACINQ…

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